About Marcia Murray-Stoof  C.P.D.T. / C.C.B.

With over 35 years of experience Marcia is a very well qualified Dog Training Instructor and Canine Behaviourist.

Marcia holds Certifications from several recognised associations to back and qualify her extensive knowledge on dog training and canine behaviour.

Marcia is also a current professional member of the following organisations:-


The Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers

International Positive Dog Training Association

International Association of Force Free Pet professionals

Animal Behaviour College (Authorised Mentor Trainer)

The Canadian Kennel (Certified C.G.C. Evaluator)

                                       Therapeutic Paws of Canada (Director of Evaluators)

Marcia is also on the panel of experts for 3 web based groups:-

Happy Dog Connectionshttp://happydogconnections.com

Nu BowWowwww.nubowwow.com

All Expertswww.allexperts.com

Marcia is also the behaviour Consultant and Committee Member of/for Innisfil Off Leash Dog Park.

Marcia started her canine career at the age of 8, by taking her Mother’s Great Danes to Obedience classes at the local training school.  As Marcia became proficient she often assisted the trainer, this lead to her doing a 4 year apprenticeship then her taking her Certification Exam as a Professional Dog Training Instructor, and Marcia has been teaching both Students and other Trainers for the last 25 years.

As Dog Training was not considered a proper career at that time, Marcia proceeded with her formal education and therefore her work as a Dog Training Instructor & Canine Behaviourist has been on a part-time basis, working evenings and weekends.   Marcia is now able to dedicate herself full-time to her passion of working with dogs and people.

Marcia was a very well known and respected trainer in Buckinghamshire, England, teaching not only students but other trainers.  She spoke at many lectures, and attended many as well always looking to increase her knowledge and skills. Which includes gaining, a diploma in Canine Behaviour, from The Royal Veterinary College of London, England.

Since coming to Canada in 1991, Marcia has established herself here as a well respected Trainer & Behaviourist.  Marcia also continues to educate herself on training techniques’ and also speaks at various canine related seminars.

Marcia has owned a variety of breeds over the past years and of course is very knowledgeable on all breeds.  Her passion now lies with the Dogue De Bordeaux (French Mastiff), leading her to become a Breeder & Exhibitor of them.



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