I am very happy to Announce, that I am
for Group & Private Classes.
Our dogs have loved that we are home with them

The year 2020 & the beginning of 2021, was challenging for most of us, with one notable exception: pets. Not only did a record number of dogs and cats get adopted into new, loving homes, but established pets enjoyed the 24/7 companionship of their families. Many folks worked and attended school remotely, with everyone taking breaks throughout the day to lavish Fido and Fluffy with attention.

However, this new normal will eventually come to an end.

As province and city governments begin to lift COVID-19 restrictions and people prepare to return to the workplace, one big concern many pet owners share is how their dogs and cats will fare when they’re back to being left at home alone for most of the day. After all, many pets adopted during the pandemic never experienced the “old normal” and have no idea that in many households, family members typically leave for work or school in the morning and are gone the better part of the day.

1)   Crates – Making use of the crate while your home, for a bit each day.Your taking a Shower/Bath, Cooking, Helping kids with school wok, etc.So, they do not associate the crate with your absence.

 1a)   Then start introducing your absence, stand outside, start the car (noise recognition), go for a short drive (keep that car battery alive & noise recognition). Increase time slowly, until you reach just beyond what would be the normal amount of time your gone in a day.

(Remember, for dogs under 6 months, the expectancy is 1 hour per month of age).Dog Walkers & Dog Daycares are OPEN, for those that would need a Potty break.

 Social Skills:

As we have been distancing and keeping too our family units, our dogs are missing out on getting a full and proper experience of the world, sight, sound, smells, people, other dogs etc.

The crucial age for social skills starts to close around 16 weeks of age.  Thus why Puppy Group Classes are so important.

Keeping those Social experiences into and through in too Adult brain is also a major priority, as dogs will forget about some of those experiences, as the brain ages up into Teenage and then Adult.  Don’t forget training is a major part of maintaining that wonderful puppy you had.  Think along the lines of – How well would a child fair in the world in general if they only attended Kindergarten/Grade 1-2.

 A long term repeat client & close friend of mine Debra, has been working with a 5 month old, that had not been given the proper social skills and training. 

She provided this list for me of stores that allow Dogs in:-

 Pet Stores – PetSmart, Ren’s, Pet Valu, Global etc.

Other Stores- Canadian Tire, Rona, Staples, Winners, Home Sense, Bed Bath & Beyond, Designer Show Warehouse and Calbel’s

 So, if you need to go out to grab something from one of these, Take the Dog.

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